The Vitarete Academy
Where Life Meets Excellence

Welcome to the Vitarete Academy

Vitarete Academy is not currently accepting new students.

Vitarete Academy is a non-traditional K-12 private school registered with the Florida Department of Education.

Unlike most public or other private schools, Vitarete Academy believes that when various educational choices are available, parents and students are able to make the best educational choices for their families.

Vitarete Academy’s goal is to help give families throughout the State of Florida the freedom and encouragement to choose the best educational options for their child while benefiting from the many professional services that come from enrolling in a non-traditional private school.

Vitarete Academy is proud to provide our homeschooling families with these services:

  • Maintain student grade records, Academic Counseling
  • Online record keeping for Teachers
  • Official Transcripts for 9th through 12th grades
  • Work Sample & Portfolio Repository
  • Florida Virtual School -- now available for all K-12 Courses
  • Florida High School Diploma
  • High School Credit & Record Review
  • Dual Enrollment options with guidance and counseling
  • Teacher and Student ID Cards
  • Florida Parent-Educators Association (FPEA) membership discounts.

Vitarete Academy families are under private school administration and not under the requirements of the state homeschooling laws. Students at Vitarete Academy are considered private school students and graduates receive a Florida High School Diploma.

Our families enjoy the professional support and accountability of Vitarete Academy and the benefit and freedom that comes from employing the best educational methods for their children.

Vitarete Academy is not currently accepting new students.