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ACT/SAT - College Admissions Exams:

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The PSAT, ACT and the SAT are the most important standardized tests college-bound high school students will take. There are many ways to prepare for these critical tests, but the most painless approach is to tackle the SAT/ACT Question of the Day starting in 8th or 9th grade (See links below). These questions will help the student become familiar with the type and style of questions that will be asked on these exams.

When looking at the PSAT and the SAT, it’s important to understand that these tests are nearly identical, with the exception that there are some higher level math questions on the SAT. Working through the SAT question of the day is an easy (and free!) way to get used to the material and questions that will appear on the PSAT.

Note: The SAT exam is being redesigned. The new version will be administered starting in spring of 2016. If your child is in grade 9 this year, he or she will be taking the new SAT. Students currently in 10th grade or higher will still take the existing SAT. To check for updates on how the exam will be changing and for sample questions, visit their website,

Recommended Timeline for Taking ACT/SAT/PSAT:

  • 9th/10th Grades - Take the PSAT (optional) as a practice test
  • 10th Grade - Take ACT/SAT in April or June (no prep necessary) for baseline testing - Use this information to see what areas need work
  • 11th Grade - Take ACT/SAT as soon as possible - Take PSAT qualifying test for National Merit Scholarship in October
  • 12th Grade - College applications due beginning in October - If you have not taken the ACT/SAT take it as soon as possible

PSAT - National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test:

It is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship for juniors, but is recommended as a practice test for either the ACT or the SAT for any 9th – 11th grade student. A qualifying score on the PSAT sets your students apart as a National Merit Semi-Finalist. And National Merit Semi-Finalists are eagerly recruited by colleges and universities. In fact, many schools will try to lure National Merit Scholars with offers of big scholarship money.

For more information visit the National Merit Scholarship Corporation

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