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Florida Graduation Requirements

Florida allows for many different types of diplomas. Here at Vitarete Academy, we believe that only the academic diploma, which requires a total of 24 credits (See Graduation Requirements Below), will offer our students the best possible opportunity for the college bound, future employment, and acceptance into the military. FL Section 1003.4382

In order to receive an academic high school diploma from Vitarete Academy, students must complete a total of 24 credits and receive a passing grade of C or above for all required courses:

Subject Credits
1 Full Year = 1 credit
English 4 Credits
(In order to count as a credit the course must include a mixture of Vocabulary, Grammar, Literature, and Composition).
Math 4 Credits
(Algebra I level and higher)
Science 3 Credits
(Must include Biology and two courses must include a lab)
Social Studies 3 Credits
  • 1 American History
  • 1 World History
  • ½ American Government
  • ½ Economics
Practical Arts/Fine Arts 1 Credit
(Art, Photography, Drama, Dance, Computer Science, Speech, Debate, etc.)
H.O.P.E 1 Credit
  • ½ Physical Education/Personal Fitness
  • ½ Health
Electives 8 Credits
(For students planning on attending college or applying for Bright Futures – 2 courses should be a single Foreign language)

****Eligibility for Bright Futures or other scholarships may have additional requirements. Students are advised to check with their future college admissions office to confirm that school’s specific requirements while planning your high school course sequence. If you are unsure your curriculum meets these standards, please contact Vitarete to speak with one of our guidance counselors.

High school students need to keep a portfolio of their work for their entire high school career. This should include a list of curriculum materials used and several work samples from each subject. You should also maintain a copy of any virtual schools or college dual enrollment transcripts.