The Vitarete Academy
Where Life Meets Excellence

Our School

It all begins with the name.

Vita is a Latin word meaning alive or life. Arete is a Greek word that in the basic sense means excellence of any kind or having practical knowledge. Together they encompass the very foundation of our school.

We want our students to feel the desire for knowledge, to be filled with the notion of purpose, and to aspire for excellence in all they do. Our school name reflects those beliefs.

When students enroll in Vitarete Academy, not only will they be complying with Florida’s compulsory attendance laws as private school students, they will also belong to a school whose very foundation begins with the idea that every person has something valuable to contribute.

We know all children have a built-in innate desire to learn and excel. At Vitarete, we want every student to have the freedom to grow and learn without boundaries or restrictions. Students should have the opportunity to follow the course that will allow them to excel and accomplish all their educational goals.

Our students benefit when the school and family work together to create an educational plan that is both engaging and challenging. Here, students have the opportunity to take courses reflecting their own strengths and weaknesses at skill levels appropriate for them.

Our goal is to provide every family with a support system and the encouragement to provide families with the opportunity to pursue innovative and non-traditional educational programs for their students.