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Homeschool Support Groups

Activities for the Kids, A resource for you.

Now that we have tackled the socialization myth it’s time to find a support group.

Remember, A local support group isn’t just for the kids to socialize. It’s a wonderful resource for you, the parent, to learn more about homeschooling in your area. You will find local resources, information about field trips and curriculum, but most importantly, it’s a place to find friendship, support, and encouragement from others who have been where you are now and understand what you are going through.

Crossing Over to Homeschooling is a nationally-based FaceBook group for families who have already begun to homeschool and families still considering homeschooling. With members from all over the United States, finding information about a local support group (and other homeschooling information) will be as easy as asking a question.

Florida Parent-Educators Association is a great resource for finding Florida-based support groups and other wonderful homeschooling resources.

Homeschool World is just one of the many sites that offer homeschooling families throughout the USA information about local homeschool support groups in their area. This site has an extensive list of articles covering many aspects of homeschooling.

These sites are well established and provide a good place to begin. A quick search of FaceBook, Yahoo Groups, Shutterfly,, or a Google search using your city or county name will help you find many groups close to your location.