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New To HomeSchooling?

Getting Started

The most common question a parent considering homeschooling asks is "Where do I start?" or "What are the first steps?" Overwhelmingly, experienced homeschoolers recommend starting by first learning the rules for homeschooling in your state and (if needed) the requirements for withdrawing from public school.

The Florida Statutes state that the compulsory attendance laws apply to all children between the ages of 6 and 16. If your child turns 6 sometime between the beginning of the school year and February 1, that child is required to comply with Florida's compulsory attendance laws and to attend the entire school year.

There are three legal options for homeschooling in the State of Florida. You choose Only ONE of these options:

  1. Enroll in a non-campus private umbrella school. An umbrella school in Florida is a school that has been registered with the Florida Department of Education as a private school. Umbrella schools offer homeschooling families the ability to facilitate a home education program while legally complying with the compulsory attendance laws as a private school student. Private Umbrella schools are required by Florida Statute 1002.42(4),(5),(6) to obtain and keep Health, Immunization, and Attendance Records.
  2. - Or -

  3. Establish a Home Education Program (HEP) as defined by Florida Statute 1002.01. This option requires you to file a Letter of Intent (LOI) to your local school district. You will be required to maintain a log of activities and a portfolio of work. You will also be required to file an annual evaluation using one of five evaluation choices set forth by Florida Statute 1002.41.
  4. - Or -

  5. Establish a Private Tutoring Program.

If you are in any other state, please check here to find the homeschooling laws for your state.