The Vitarete Academy
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Steps to Enroll

There are a few steps required to become a student at Vitarete Academy.

Detailed information can be found on each of these items using the menu on the left. Below is a synopsis:

  1. Create a Family account.
    This is the registration for your Family information and your login credentials.
  2. Add Student(s).
    Add the information for each of your students/children. Once a student has beens added you can "enroll" him into the necessary grade level.
  3. Submit Required Documents
    You may upload scanned copies of the required documents directly into your account.
  4. Pay Tuition and Fees
    After you have all of your information loaded you select the "Pay Tuition and Fees" button and you will be given an invoice summarizing your total charges.

    If you are submitting your required documents electronically, you can pay these directly with PayPal (using either a PayPal account or your own credit card).

    If you are submitting your documents by Mail or Courier please include your check.